Why honesty on your CV is the best policy…

You’ve seen the advert on Job Mail. It’s the job you’ve always dreamed of having and you believe you are the right person for it. It’s in your grasp… So what if you tell a little “white” lie or hide some of the facts on your CV to increase your chances of getting the job? Who would know?

Stop, and consider for a moment what the consequences of being less than honest on your CV could be…

With a job-shortage, fierce competition in the workplace and high career-goals it can be so tempting to “fiddle” with your CV to make sure you get the job you desire.

But heed this advice today and spare yourself some trouble… Be honest on your CV!

Being less than forthcoming or exaggerating the facts on your CV can have a damaging effect on your reputation and career.

If caught, it can mean that you won’t get the job you desire, or if you get employed under false impressions, you could end up being exposed and fired from your job…

When compiling your CV, make sure that you are honest about the qualifications and experience you have. This does not mean you cannot tailor your CV to highlight the skills and qualifications you have that match the job you are applying for. Although, still ensure that all information you provide is true and correct and can be verified by a potential employer.

You might have some past misdemeanours, such as a criminal offense or being fired from a previous job that could reflect negatively on you as a potential employee. However, resist the temptation to omit this information from your CV or at the interview. An employer is more likely to be forgiving and consider giving you a “clean break” if they see you are honest and own up to your mistakes right from the get-go, than keeping you around if they catch you out at a later stage…

So go and have look at your CV, and if necessary make some adjustments so that it is a true reflection of you as a job seeker and your capabilities. By doing this you will avoid putting yourself in an awkward situation in the future and ensure that you work your way up the corporate ladder the honest and most rewarding way…

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