What to know about Front of House Managers

Have you started your job search? Why not consider a career as a front of house manager. From welcoming guests to overseeing staff members, there is a diverse range of responsibilities that come with this role. There are plenty of your job search?  in the hospitality industry and you can look for employment at a guest house, restaurant or hotel. If this sounds like the direction for you, you can find a wide selection of hotel jobs on Job Mail.

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Job description

In restaurants, the management areas are generally separated into two sections. The back of house refers to the kitchen and storage areas, while the front of house refers to the dining room, lounge, bar, and reception. Therefore, front-end managers are responsible for the section of the business that deals with clients. There is a strong customer service and interpersonal focus in this position, and at the core of this role is managing a team of staff to ensure that high levels of customer service are achieved.

Customer service plays a vital role in the success of businesses across a diverse range of industries. This is particularly relevant to the hospitality industry. Employees in this position are tasked with overseeing the day-to-day running of the front end of the business.

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Front of house managers are responsible for overseeing the reception area. They deal with room reservations and manage catering and cleaning contractors for large accounts. Employees in this role are required to represent the company by welcoming customers with a professional and friendly demeanour. Front of house managers put working procedures in place to ensure that their team members deliver an efficient performance. Maintaining high levels of workplace safety is an important aspect of this role.

Creating and maintaining good relationships with customers is another task that is associated with this position. Employees in this role ensure that outstanding levels of service are delivered by their team of staff. They’re responsible for staff training and performance reviews and they work with budgets and compile reports for senior management.

Qualifications and salary

The qualifications that are required for front of house manager jobs are varied. However, a qualification in hospitality is beneficial. A customer service degree is also a relevant qualification that will increase your chances of being hired. Practical experience is advantageous for this role and some employees may value relevant experience more than qualifications. The average annual salary for a front of house manager is R100 916.



Outstanding interpersonal and communications skills are required for this role. Suitable candidates for this position will have the ability to communicate in English, both verbally and in writing. This position can be physically demanding as it requires the ability to stand on your feet for extended periods. Front of house managers need outstanding leadership capabilities to succeed. Decision-making capabilities and the ability to work independently are also required. Superior organisation and time-management skills are required to perform the tasks that are associated with this role.

The ability to complete tasks under pressure is another requirement for front-end management positions. The wide range of responsibilities, which are associated with this role, requires the ability to multi-task. At the core of this role is overseeing staff members, which makes managerial skills essential. Relevant industry experience is vital if you want to get hired in this senior level position. If you’re looking for hotel jobs or front-end managerial positions at a guest house, experience in the hospitality industry is essential.

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Where can Front of House Managers find work?

You can find employment as a front of house manager in the hospitality, legal, and financial industries. Hotel jobs include front-end management positions and you can also find a suitable position working for a guest house.

Start your job search by uploading your CV to Job Mail and browsing through the wide range of vacancies that are available.

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Have you started your job search? Why not consider a career as a front of house manager. Start your job search by uploading your CV to Job Mail and browsing through vacancies? Why not consider a career as a front of house manager.
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