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Find Lucrative Waitress Jobs in Johannesburg

Gauteng’s vibrant entertainment industry and fine dining restaurants make waitressing a lucrative employment opportunity. Johannesburg has a thriving economy which means that people have money to spend on eating out. Young professionals, with no...

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Start Your Career as a Driver

Looking for an entry level job? Becoming a driver can offer great career opportunities. If you meet the requirements for obtaining the necessary licence, you can apply for a driving job on Job Mail....

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Receptionist Jobs in Johannesburg over the holidays

Receptionist jobs in Johannesburg offer employment opportunities during the festive season. As many staff members take their annual leave during December, temporary positions become available at this time. Johannesburg is an economic hub and...

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Make Extra Money with Data Capturing Jobs

Data capturing jobs are perfect for school leavers or students who need to make extra money. If you want to find a job that requires no experience or qualifications, data capturing is a viable...

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