I want to become a Surgical Nurse

Are you interested in a nursing career? The medical sector offers an array of interesting employment opportunities. Surgical Nursing is a fascinating and innovative profession that you may want to consider specialising in. If you have technical capabilities and good organisational skills, this may be the right career choice for you. Training as a scrub nurse or a circulating nurse will allow you to work in a surgical setting. Once you’re qualified, you can look for vacancies on Job Mail.

Surgical Nursing Jobs On Job Mail

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What is surgical nursing?

Surgical Nursing involves caring for patients who are having surgery. Nurses play an important role in helping with pain management and providing pain relief for their patients. These medical professionals are required to prepare patients for surgery as well as to assist with their recovery. They are also involved with helping during the surgery as a scrub nurse or a circulating nurse. Surgical Nursing comes with high levels of responsibility as well as a good salary. These professionals assist with both routine and emergency medical procedures. There is also the opportunity to specialise in one area, such as paediatric or cardiac surgery.

Surgical Nursing | Jobs In The Medial Sector | Job Mail

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What jobs can you do?

Scrub nurse

A scrub nurse assists the surgeon by choosing the right instruments and passing them to the surgeon. They also help by passing the surgeon other supplies as required. It’s essential to uphold high levels of hygiene in this position. Nurses are required to clean their hands and arms using surgical soap prior to the procedure. They also wear a surgical gown as well as gloves.

Scrub Nurse Jobs In South Africa On Job Mail

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Circulating nurse

A circulating nurse assists with the surgery as a runner for anything that is required. They can expect to assist with anaesthesia and answering calls and beepers, and they help the scrub nurse and fetch supplies. If an instrument is dropped, the circulating nurse collects it and sterilises it again before returning it.

Circulating Nurse Jobs On Job Mail

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What do you need?

You’ll need superior organisational skills to succeed in nursing and the ability to work as part of a team is very important. Nurses work alongside doctors, anaesthetists, and surgeons. They also collaborate with other nurses and surgical techs. The high risks that are associated with surgery require a highly controlled and disciplined environment, which makes organisational capabilities vital. When medical emergencies occur, adherence to protocol and thorough planning is crucial. In a surgical setting, you are required to work closely with other team members who you’ll rely on during procedures. Empathy is required for any nursing position as taking care of patients is at the heart of these roles. You’ll need to become a registered nurse before you study further to become qualified for surgical nursing. Relevant experience in an intensive care unit is also advantageous. While the theoretical aspect of the training is important, hands-on experience is crucial.

Nursing Jobs In South Africa Available On Job Mail

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Where can you find employment?

You’ll need to be able to work under pressure to succeed in this position. As a surgical nurse, you’ll be required to work long hours in a stressful environment. These nursing positions are available in the surgical wards of hospitals. Professionals in this position also work in operating rooms. Employment opportunities for surgical nurses are available in trauma and emergency care centres. Relevant nursing vacancies can also be found in recovery rooms and intensive care units.

Surgical Nursing Jobs In SA | Find A Job On Job Mail

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Now that you know more about nursing, you can enrol for the training that you need to succeed in this career. With the right medical knowledge, great organisational skills, and the ability to work as part of a team, you can succeed in this lucrative career. Not only is surgical nursing financially rewarding, it also provides you with the satisfaction of helping people. You can search for suitable positions on Job Mail today.

I want to become a Surgical Nurse
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I want to become a Surgical Nurse
Are you interested in a nursing career? Surgical Nursing is a fascinating & innovative profession that you may want to consider specialising in.
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