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Didn’t Get Into University, Now What?

Whether it’s for financial or academic reasons, don’t worry, all is not lost… It is just a bit of a setback, but you still have a bright future ahead of you… What’s important now...


What is your unique value proposition?

All of us have that one thing that separates us from the crowd. You know what we are talking about, that one skill or unique characteristic that makes you valuable. Come on, you know,...


How to get a job in the New Year

2012 is here but are you ready to tackle the New Year? First things first, you need to get your job hunting plan in check. There are thousands of other job seekers out there...


Mobile Recruitment is here!

Job Mail presents the first Mobile Recruitment Site in South Africa. Job Mail’s Mobi Recruit Site will change the way you find recruits and give you the power to have the employing edge. Forget...


View from the Top (PG-13)

It is time to wind down from a big week of updating your Job Mail CV to 100% with an inspiring job related movie. This week’s job related movie is View From the Top. It’s...

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