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How to use the Job Mail Mobile CV Editing Tool

Job Mail Online has been developing cutting edge job hunting technology since 1997. Today, Job Mail launches its much anticipated Mobile CV Editing Tool. This on-the-go CV managing tool provides job seekers with various...


Job Mail Visits Monash University

So while being a student entails lots of parties, late night studies and interesting friends, it also entails preparing for your future. So what is it that you can expect when leaving your student...


Fraudulent E-Mail Response Warning

Job seekers have many things to worry about during their job seeking journey. The last thing you want to worry about is the latest job scams.  Job Mail is here to help and ease...


Small Business Series: Starting your first Website

In our competitive environment starting a small business may seem like a very daunting and brave onset. However, many people have conquered this and other seemingly impossible mountains and have been able to look...


6 Tips to attract top-tiered candidates

Finding that perfect candidate is like looking for gold in the Orange river. After many months of searching you are bound to find that treasured applicant. We at Job Mail know that you are...

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