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An Exit Interview: Why it’s necessary

Losing an employee could provide an opportunity to review your organisation’s internal policies, flow of communication and general working conditions. Whether they’re leaving due to resignation or dismissal, be sure to conduct an “Exit”...


How to negotiate a salary

Got that second interview? Congratulations! Now it’s time to consider your salary expectations… Here are a few tips on how to negotiate a salary you want and deserve, without jeopardising the prospect of getting...


CV Improvements from a Recruiter

A well formatted CV is very important when it comes to job hunting. Many of you reading this article have questions about CV format, details that should be on your CV and other general...


4 Jobs That You Can Do Without Having A Degree

Many people are not privileged enough to attend a college or a university nowadays. Many job fields require degrees, which limits opportunities for those who can’t afford tertiary education. Luckily there are still jobs...

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