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How to find a job as a young Engineer

Being a rookie in any career is very difficult. No matter how good your qualifications are, there is always something you have to learn to steer you in the right direction to ensure you...


So what can Job Mail do for you?

Since Job Mail started out in 1997, our aim has always been to connect job seekers and employers. Hundreds of employers visit our website to list their vacancies and thousands of job seekers browse, search...

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How much should you get paid?

It is impossible to get an exact answer to this question. But to help you make sure you get the right compensation for the job that you are going to do, we are going...

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More women needed in top Mining positions

We live in a very diverse country where more people are being encouraged to pursue different careers. People are taking on challenges. It is unlike in the past when it was about the traditional...

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