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Lessons from the Cold Calling Queen – Part 2 0

Lessons from the Cold Calling Queen – Part 2

Yesterday we introduced you to Wendy Weiss. If you don’t already know who she is, then let us enlighten you. Wendy Weiss, also known as The Queen of Cold Calling™, has been in the...


How to Write a Perfect CV Cover Letter

Adding quality cover letters to your CV has become quite an essential aspect when applying for a new position. Having a good CV cover letter might just be the extra edge that a potential...


Job Seeker Tips To Avoid Scams

Job Seekers being scammed by potential employers are happening more and more in today’s time, specifically referring to the article on the front page of the Pretoria News on the the 7th of June...


Gauteng Job Seekers Conned

Promised thousands of Rands in salaries and good employment benefits, dozens of Pretoria residents are fighting back after they were allegedly conned out of tens of thousands of Rands in a suspected job scam....


5 Recruiting & Hiring Process tips

Recruiting and hiring the right employees can be quite a challenging process.  It is very expensive mistake when you end up hiring the wrong employees, not to mention time consuming. This is why Job...

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