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Making Mission Job Hunt Successful!

The job hunt sometimes feels like a 007 James Bond mission, wouldn’t you agree? There are times when you feel that you have been given an assignment and after receiving the mission you are...


Enter the Mission CV Advance Challenge

We want you to advance your brand so mission job hunt is a closed case. It is time to supercharge all your bravery as you embark on the Mission CV Advance Challenge. There will...


Job Mail talks to a Trade Fair Liaison

Job Mail is always talking to differing people in different industries. We do this so that our blog readers and aspiring professionals can get a glimpse or model of what to expect in different...

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Beware of the New Fax Ploy

At Job Mail publishing we frequently inform you of the latest in scam operations. It has come to our attention that there is a new job scam that has begun making the rounds.  We...


How helping Job Seekers can build your brand

You recruit and we at Job Mail make sure that you get the right candidates for your workforce.  We have been offering you this great service for 14 years now and in this time...


Horrible Bosses: Revealed (S, N, L, V)

The typical sub-urban set takes audiences through the employer/employee dynamic. An exaggerated but quite entertaining glimpse into the different sides of what it truly means to suffer under the ruling thumb of sub-ordination. Whoever...

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