Why it’s necessary to conduct an exit interview

An exit interview is important for employers as it helps you to determine why your employee has decided to leave the company. These interviews can give you insight into any problems within the company you may otherwise be unaware of. Equipped with this information, you can make the necessary changes to improve productivity and boost staff retention. If you need to replace a staff member who has resigned, you can place your vacancy for FREE on Job Mail.

The Importance Of Conducting An Exit Interview | Job Mail

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What is an exit interview?

An exit interview is a discussion that takes place when an employee decides to leave the company and is usually conducted on their last day of work. These interviews are often carried out by human resources or an outsourced HR company. You could ask the employee to complete a survey instead of having a face-to-face conversation, but face-to-face conversations are recommended. These interviews aren’t mandatory, but they can help employers gather useful information. An exit interview is also an opportunity to show your staff that you care about them.

The Importance Of Conducting An Exit Interview | Job Mail

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Why is an exit interview important?

  • To understand why your employee resigned

If you know why your employee resigned, you’ll have the knowledge you need to create a better work environment for your staff. An exit interview can help you identify and solve problems to prevent other employees from leaving. While you can check in with staff about issues they’re facing, an employee who is leaving is more likely to give honest feedback that includes information on negative aspects of their workplace.

  • Make a good final impression on your employee

Employees who are quitting their jobs are usually advised not to “burn their bridges”, but it’s just as applicable to employers as it is to employees. You never know where your staff will end up working when they leave your company and it’s best to end your professional relationship on a good note. Establishing a reputation for caring about your staff is also beneficial to your brand.

  • Clarify obligations

The exit interview is an opportunity for you to ensure that your employee knows what their obligations are before they leave the company. You can check if your employee has completed the tasks that are required of them and make note of any tasks that still need to get done. This is also your chance to ensure that the company has fulfilled its obligations to the employee that is leaving.

Get Valuable Feedback From An Exit Interview | Job Mail

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Top tips on how to conduct an exit interview

Make sure that your employee knows the exit interview is voluntary. It’s important to let them know that they don’t have to answer any of the questions that they don’t feel comfortable with.

You should also ensure that your employee feels comfortable during the exit interview so that they can provide you with truthful feedback. Explain how the feedback that they provide will be used before you start the interview.

During the exit interview, you should listen carefully to what they’re saying and respond with thoughtful follow-up questions. While you don’t need to write down every word that they say, it can be helpful to take notes. Jotting down important points will make your employee feel like they are being heard and it will also help you to recall valuable information.

Exit Interview Tips | Job Mail

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Typical questions you can ask during an exit interview

  • What are your reasons for leaving the company?
  • What areas do you feel the company could improve on?
  • What do you feel the strengths are of the company?
  • Is there anything that can be done to resolve your reason for leaving?
  • Did you try to have your issues resolved previously? How did your manager respond?
  • What are your thoughts on the company’s leadership?
  • What aspects of your job did you enjoy?
  • What aspects of your job did you dislike?
Questions To Ask During An Exit Interview | Job Mail

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Important Note: If your employee makes allegations that they’ve faced harassment or discrimination in the workplace, it’s essential to follow your company procedures to address these issues.

Now that you know more about exit interviews, you can initiate this process with confidence.

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Why it's necessary to conduct an exit interview
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An exit interview is important for employers as it helps you to determine why your employee has decided to leave the company...
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