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Be The Right Candidate

Job Mail has made some changes on the CV form that you as job seeker will have to take notice of. If these compulsory fields are not completed / filled out, recruiters won’t see...


An Update on Fax To E-mail Scams

A while ago the Job Mail team informed you about the Fax Ploy that has been doing its rounds among Job Mail users. Today we’re updating you about Fax to E-mail Scams due to...


Introducing an improved CV format for Job Seekers

We have great news! Job Mail has an improved CV format that will benefit all job seekers registered on Job Mail. These are the new improvements: 1. Fill in your “Current Job” details As a registered  job seeker,...


10 Common Cover Letter Bloopers to Avoid

Having a polished and impressive CV isn’t enough to draw a possible employer’s attention. In fact, your first impression is actually made through your Cover Letter. It is your Cover Letter that will convince...


4 Job Mail Video Tutorials for Job Seekers

So, you’re a Job Seeker but you’re struggling with some of the Job Mail website’s basic functions. Well, today is your lucky day. Today the Job Mail team is providing you with 4 video...

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