Interested in a career as a mechanic? Keep reading…

Are you looking for mechanic jobs? With a wide range of different positions available, you can choose what area to specialise in. Read our blog to discover more about the different types of mechanics as well as about the mechanic salary that you can expect to earn. Once you’ve decided what specialisation to pursue, you can enrol in the relevant mechanic courses. Whether you decide to become an auto or diesel mechanic, there are plenty of advantages to this career choice. You can find mechanic jobs on Job Mail today!

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Auto mechanic

An auto mechanic is responsible for working with vehicles. They diagnose, repair, and maintain vehicles to ensure that they are in optimal working condition. Employees in this position are expected to fix engines as well as brakes, transmissions, and automotive technology systems. They’re tasked with fixing drive belts and steering systems. Other duties include replacing worn parts, checking fluid levels, and liaising with clients.

An auto mechanic requires computer systems, wrenches, and lathes to carry out their duties. To succeed as an auto mechanic, you’ll need to be good at problem-solving. The ability to multi-task is also important for this role. An interest in vehicles, as well as the ability to work with your hands, is required. If you decide to pursue this career, you’ll need to complete an apprenticeship at a TVET college followed by a trade test. Alternatively, you can complete a learnership followed by a trade test. Imperial Technical Training Academy, Damelin, and AA Training Academy offer relevant courses in South Africa.

Diesel mechanic

A diesel mechanic specialises in fixing vehicles that operate with diesel fuel. They are required to repair and maintain buses and trucks as well as railroad locomotives. These professionals use computer technology to test and diagnose vehicles before they start repair work.

diesel mechanic, auto mechanic, mechanic salary, mechanic jobs

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The duties that are associated with this position include carrying out routine checks, applying oils and grease as well as fixing engines. They are also required to keep records. The average annual mechanic salary is R215 715. Equipment maintenance capabilities are associated with higher salaries for this role.

Diesel mechanic jobs require problem-solving capabilities as well as the ability to work with your hands. You’ll need to be mechanically minded and observant to excel in this role. Mechanic courses are offered at FET colleges. You can choose to complete a diesel mechanic learnership as well as an apprenticeship and trade test. The AA Technical College and Rankin Training Solutions also offer training opportunities.

Aircraft mechanic

Mechanics, who specialise in aircrafts, carry out maintenance tasks on passenger jets as well as helicopters. They are also tasked with fixing private propeller planes. The duties of an aircraft mechanic are focused on upholding high levels of safety. Professionals in this field need to complete accredited mechanic courses prior to finding employment.

diesel mechanic, mechanic salary, auto mechanic, mechanic jobs

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If you want to become an aircraft mechanic, you’ll need to be a team player with good problem-solving capabilities. Reliability is also essential. The ability to work with your hands as well as the ability to pay attention to detail is crucial. To find employment as an aircraft mechanic, you’ll need to complete training at a FET college and National Certificate in Aircraft Maintenance & Overhaul NQF 4. Before you start looking for mechanic jobs, you’ll need to write a trade test. South African Airways and Phantom Aero Technical offer relevant training.

Now that you know more about a few of the different mechanic jobs that are out there, you can start considering what you want to study. Once you’ve qualified, you can apply for vacancies on Job Mail.

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Interested in a career as a mechanic? Keep reading... | Job Mail Blog
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Interested in a career as a mechanic? Keep reading... | Job Mail Blog
Are you looking for mechanic jobs? With a wide range of different positions available, you can choose what area to specialise in.

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