Author: Yolanda Zondo

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How to find your dream job

Finding a job online can sometimes be just like online dating. It has become simple for you to just go online, whether you do this through the use of the computer or your phone,...

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Tips on becoming the best Medical Rep

As a Medical Representative, you are the communications node between pharmaceuticals and medical professionals. In order for them to continue coming back to you, you need to be the best at your job. This...

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What do Pharmacists in South Africa earn?

A Pharmacist is an individual who is responsible for the supply of quality medicine to patients. He or she also ensures that the medicine given to patients is within the law. You also need...

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Becoming a Paramedic in South Africa

If you are considering becoming a Paramedic in South Africa, or you have finally completed your studies and training in Paramedics you need to make sure you are well equipped with the leadership and...

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How to get your first job as a Web Designer

The first question you should ask yourself is ‘what makes me happy?’ Whether you are a graduate or someone new to the Web Designing industry, the answer to this question will determine where you...

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