Author: Liezl Grobler


Job Mail is celebrating its 16th birthday!

Job Mail is celebrating its 16th birthday and we’re making it a memorable one by offering great birthday month *specials for recruiters. Should you be interested in these fantastic specials for easy and effective...


How to apply for a job on Job Mail

We have made some changes to our application process. If you are looking for a job through Job Mail, here’s some need-to-know info on how to apply for a job: How to apply on...


Important information for Free Account holders

Job Mail is in the process of reorganising the structure between the Free and Premium Employer Accounts. How will this affect our Free Account clients? Ad Placement Adverts placed by Free Employers, will go...


Tips For Temps That Lead to Permanent Success

Temping can either mean dead-end employment or a successful long-term career, depending on how you view it and apply yourself in the industry. Here are some tips for temps that lead to permanent success....

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