Author: Bruce Ungersbock

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Bridge the gap with Welding Jobs

Welders use heat to bond pieces of metal together. There are different types of welding positions available in South Africa. If you enjoy working with metal, you can look for welding jobs. Types of...

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Panel Beating Jobs in the Automotive Industry

Automotive jobs offer exciting career opportunities. One popular option is to become a panel beater. Panel beater jobs provide plenty of employment opportunities. You could choose to work for yourself or join a team...

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Get Down and Dirty with Plumbing Jobs

Are you interested in artisan jobs, more specifically plumbing jobs? Becoming a plumber is a great choice as there is a need for skilled professionals in this sector. Remember that you can register your...

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What it takes to be a Cashier

The retail world would not be able to function without someone behind the counter. Cashier jobs are an essential ingredient to making any store run. They are the people who take your money after...

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The Life of a Safety Officer

Are you trying to decide what career opportunities to pursue? Why not consider becoming a Safety Officer? With jobs available across a range of industries you can choose a position that matches your interests....

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