4 tips for finding a non-profit job in South Africa

Do you want to change the world? You can put your skills to good use by finding a non-profit job. A combination of compassion and hard work will help you succeed in this industry. Whether you’ve just graduated or you’re looking for a career change, there are non-profit organisations that can benefit from your contribution. Register your FREE CV on Job Mail and find NPO vacancies today.

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1. Find your passion

Which causes are you most passionate about? With a wide range of non-profit organisations to choose from, it’s helpful to identify what you’re passionate about before you start applying for jobs. Research different NPOs online to learn more about their projects. Once you’ve gathered information about the causes you care about the most, you’ll have a better idea of which jobs to apply for.

2. Volunteer

Once you’ve identified the causes you’re interested in, look for opportunities to volunteer at an NPO in your area. Volunteering is your chance to use your skills for meaningful work while gaining insight into the operation of local NPOs. In the process, you’ll learn more about your cause and the non-profit sector. If a job becomes available with your favourite organisation, you’ll be the first to know.

If you’re already volunteering at an NPO, it’s more likely that you’ll become a paid employee at a later stage. Your dedication as a volunteer demonstrates the effort you’re willing to make for your cause. The great news is that your experience as a volunteer will give your CV a boost. Highlight your volunteer experience in your cover letter and your CV. While you’re likely to be very enthusiastic about the great work that you’re doing, don’t take on too much. Rather focus on producing quality work at one or two non-profits than joining in with every volunteer opportunity that you find.

3. Network

Networking is essential when you’re looking for a non-profit job. Find industry-related events in your area and make sure you attend them. Social media can help you to stay connected to what’s happening in the NPO sector. You can follow the relevant people and organisations and join the necessary groups on social media to help grow your network. Once you’ve built up an online network, you can arrange face-to-face meetings. You can also use your contacts to arrange an informational interview where you’ll learn more about getting involved with your chosen cause.

4. Customise your CV

Writing a CV for the non-profit sector is different from writing one for corporate jobs. While your CV should still contain your qualifications, skills, and work experience, you’ll also need to demonstrate your dedication to making a difference. Non-profits want to see evidence of your passion for their cause before they hire you. You can highlight your non-profit job experience by putting it in a separate section on your CV. You can also mention participation in special initiatives and fundraising activities. Dedication to continuous education is advantageous and you can also add any relevant interests you have. Make sure that you check the document for grammar and spelling errors. It’s also vital to ensure that your CV is formatted properly so that it looks professional.

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Now that you know how to find your dream non-profit job, you can get your career off to a great start. Get out there and volunteer at your favourite non-profit organisations so that you can spend your time making a difference. Find NPO vacancies on Job Mail and take your career to new heights.

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4 tips for finding a non-profit job in South Africa
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4 tips for finding a non-profit job in South Africa
Want to change the world? You can put your skills to good use by finding a non-profit job. A combination of compassion and hard work will help you succeed.
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Job Mail
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