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How to upload your CV onto your Jobseeker Profile

Posted on: September 23rd, 2013 by Liezl Grobler 4 Comments

If you have not uploaded your CV onto your Jobseeker profile here is how to go about it:

How to upload your CV via a PC

1. Go to the following link on your PC:

2. Click on “Choose File”
Upload CV1
Then point to where your CV is saved.

You will see it inserts the file name next to “Choose File”

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click “Submit” to submit the CV.

Your web CV will now be saved and attached to your Job Mail CV when you apply.

How to upload your CV Via a Mobile Phone:

1. Log in on


Click on “Log in as a Jobseeker”.

Log in with your details

2. Click on “Manage Profile”


3. Scroll down and click on “CV and References”


4. Click on “upload your CV”

Then click on “Choose file”

Point to where the CV is saved.

5. Click on “Submit”.

Your web CV will now be saved and attached to your Job Mail CV when you apply.

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Liezl Grobler

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4 Responses

  1. Audrey says:

    Hi,I’m female caregiver with a valid code 8 drivers licence.5 yrs caregiver experience,hardworking,available immediately.reside in nothern suburbs.

    • Henno Kruger Henno Kruger says:

      Thanks for your feedback. If you have not registered your CV on Job Mail yet, then follow this link Then look for Jobs that you need at (on your cell phone) or (on your PC) and apply for them. You can search for “Gardener”, “Cashier” “Driver”, “Internship”, “Learnership” (or any other keyword) to find relevant jobs on Job Mail. Hope you find the job that you need soon!

  2. richard says:

    i need to upload my cv via phone an iv tried but now i dnt know what to do can you please help me

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