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Top Jobs in Pretoria: Work in the Vibrant City

Whether you are an experienced professional or a recent graduate, you can find jobs in Pretoria. Pretoria’s top jobs for professionals offer great opportunities for you to advance your career. Students or recent graduates...

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Find Lucrative Waitress Jobs in Johannesburg

Gauteng’s vibrant entertainment industry and fine dining restaurants make waitressing a lucrative employment opportunity. Johannesburg has a thriving economy which means that people have money to spend on eating out. Young professionals, with no...

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Top Ten Jobs for Matriculants

Just finished matric? Need some extra cash? Whether you need a full-time job or casual employment before you start university, there are plenty of vacancies available on Job Mail. If this is the first...

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Holiday jobs for students in Pretoria

Finding a holiday job is a great way for students to earn extra money and gain work experience. Holiday jobs for students in Pretoria can be found in the restaurant and entertainment industry. During...

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Earn Extra Cash by Finding Part Time Jobs

Need to make some extra cash? You can find plenty of ways to make money by browsing through the part time jobs online. Whether you need cash to spend on beers at the local...

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Make Extra Money with Data Capturing Jobs

Data capturing jobs are perfect for school leavers or students who need to make extra money. If you want to find a job that requires no experience or qualifications, data capturing is a viable...

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