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12 ways to get better response on your job ads

Struggling to find candidates or getting masses of CV’s from job seekers who are just not right for the job? You could be jeopardising your recruitment efforts with the way you are placing your...


How to apply for a job on Job Mail

We have made some changes to our application process. If you are looking for a job through Job Mail, here’s some need-to-know info on how to apply for a job: How to apply on...


Tips For Temps That Lead to Permanent Success

Temping can either mean dead-end employment or a successful long-term career, depending on how you view it and apply yourself in the industry. Here are some tips for temps that lead to permanent success....


Useful tools on your Job Mail Dashboard

Have you explored the useful tools on your Job Mail Dashboard yet? One of the best parts of your Job Mail Dashboard is the “My Jobs” section that will help you monitor your job...

Video CV Examples 1

Video CV Examples

If you have been wondering what a Video CV is and wanted to upload your own, then we have some examples for you. It is simply a short (less than 2 min) video with...

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