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The Job Mail Android App is here!

Great news! The Job Mail Android App is available to download for FREE on the Google Play Store. Click here to download the app NOW! With the Job Mail Android App you have access to...

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A Useful Guide to Job Hunting Success

Finding jobs in South Africa, especially in today’s economic climate, can be difficult. With a high unemployment rate, measured at 24.5% in the last quarter of 2015, job hunting has become a competitive playing...


3 Useful Job Hunting Tips for Matrics

If you’ve just finished matric you have one of three options: you can take a gap year (and go work abroad), you can study at one of South Africa’s tertiary institutions (if you passed matric...


What to do if you lost your job

Last month, South Africa shed close to 120,000 jobs, marking the biggest monthly loss in almost three years, according to the latest Adcorp Employment Index. All occupations were affected. But what should you do...

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