How to repeat your Free Adverts on Job Mail

Great news for free advertisers! Job Mail has introduced a repeat feature for your free adverts making your lives a little easier.

How does it work?

You can currently place a free ad that remains online for a month and goes into 1 printed edition, but now you’ll be able to repeat your advert every 7 days.

What does this mean for you?

If you repeat your advert, it gets moved to the top of the search results on the Job Mail website so you’ll get fresh applications from job seekers. Take note that repeated adverts do not automatically get printed in the Job Mail publication, you’ll need to place a new advert to ensure that it does.

How do I repeat my adverts?

This can be done on your Job Mail Employer Dashboard by clicking on the “repeat” button on the advert you wish to repeat. See the screenshot below:

can repeat after 1 week

Click to view larger image.

Take note that once you’ve repeated the advert, you will not be able to repeat it within 7 days time.

You’ll see a warning message  like the one in the top right of the screenshot below telling you when you can repeat the advert again.

ad placed 1st week

Click to view larger image.

Take note of the Repeat Rules for Free adverts on Job Mail:

  • Ads can be repeated weekly but will only go into the Job Mail publication the first week.
  • Ads can be repeated 3 times. – Once in a 7 day cycle from your dashboard under current vacancies.
  • If your advert has been repeated 3 times, you will be prompted to place a new ad the 4th time. You’ll receive a message that says “You cannot repeat the ad, create a new one”. When you click on “Create” on this page, it will redirect you to the Job Mail Free ad form. The advert info will be pre-completed, but do take note that you will need to make a change to the advert text to allow you to submit the ad again as a new ad. See the screenshot below:
cannot repeat 4th time dash

Click to view larger image.

  • In the week when your advert expires you will receive an email with the advert detail and a button that enables you to repeat it. Simply click on the “repeat” button and the ad will be repeated for a further 7 days. See the screenshot below.
email repeat ad

Click to view larger image.


Should you have any queries regarding repeating of free ads on Job Mail, please e-mail or phone 012-4322620. Not yet registered as an employer? Register a free employer account on Job Mail today!

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Henno Kruger

Digital Marketing Channel Co-ordinator / Blogger at Job Mail

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